Here’s what Every Woman Should do To Improve Her Communication Skills

Being a good communicator can be a natural trait for some people. But even those people practice some techniques to perfect their communication skills. For the rest of us, having good communication skills is like any other skill, you have to learn some rules. It might seem hard to you to get your voice heard from time to time. That’s probably because you’re doing something wrong or not doing something at all.

Do you usually find yourself in situations where communication with other parties is quite hard? That’s not a big problem because you can instantly improve if you keep some basic rules of communication in your mind. Being a genius communicator is more about knowing how to communicate in different contexts using different techniques than only having one approach.

Having good communication skills will allow you to advance in many aspects of your daily life. Be it at work, with the family, and your loved ones, or even strangers, having good communication skills will allow you to have more control over your surroundings.      

So, here are some of the best techniques of communication that you can use as a woman who wants to up her game. Let’s take a look at the best practices that you can incorporate in your life to improve your communication skills.

1. Think twice before you talk:

A good communicator often thinks twice about what to say and how it might impact the listeners before she speaks. Thinking twice about what you say will often show that your first thoughts sometimes need rethinking and enhancement.

Speech is quite a tricky thing, the same goes for the words we use and the way we deliver our speech. The impact of what you say can be quite a crucial thing in some situations. As a good communicator, you have to put more effort than the average person into what and how of your speech.

To help you get started, here are some of the things that you have to answer yourself to before you speak to be a good communicator:

For you to communicate excellently, you must often think about the impact of what you want to say on your audience. If it is something that will turn your listeners as onlookers in a scenario that was meant to be interactive, then, don’t say it.

  • Am I saying something that I believe in? You have to say only the things that you believe in. 
  • In what way my speech or words are beneficial to the other party? Your speech has to aim at maximizing communication and harmony.
  • Am I saying something constructive? Deconstructive speech is quite helpful to make people understand things better, but it tends to be cynical sometimes.
  • Is what am I saying needed at the moment? Try to contribute to the context by saying things that are needed, and avoid stating the obvious.

Running this check before you speak very quickly can be quite helpful in making you a communicator that everyone respects. 

2- Communication is giving and taking:

Communication is a feedback loop. Communication doesn’t happen when only one party is dominating the conversation. Even musicians take the time to look at how the crowd reacts to their music to know what to do better.

To be a better listener, you might want to try the steel man method. It basically instructs you to listen to people thoroughly and summarize their points in a manner that makes them seem like a strong points. The opposite of this is called straw man, which is trying to make the arguments of others seem weak.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need people to clarify.   

  • Have a friendly attitude while also being assertive

People who master the art of being friendly and at the same time assertive are natural leaders and they’re really good communicators. The alchemical balance of both traits in your psyche is an art that needs to be mastered.

If you’re a very agreeable person, try to be more aggressive to balance your agreeable traits. And if you’re a little bit more on the too much assertive type, try to let people have a saying from time to time. 

What are the benefits of having good communication skills?

Having good communication skills has lots of good benefits in your daily life, at work, outside work, and at home:

  • You develop more self-esteem and you trust in yourself more.
  • You gain the honest respect of people
  • You become a lot better at solving your problems
  • You become more open to connecting with people who push you to be a better version of yourself

In conclusion, good communication can be achieved by being more attentive and aware of yourself and others. Developing good communication skills is a never-ending process of learning new things.

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