Permanent Skills That Are Not Taught At School

Learning to develop Permanente Skills in life is essential to achieve optimal and appropriate professional growth. 

It is important to remember Permanente Skills are not part of formal training or anything related to the academic sector. Thanks to the evolution and new knowledge of tools in work psychology, life skills have become a fundamental factor to better develop ourselves as professionals within a company and a team. They are also popularly known as Permanente Skills and are interpersonal skills exercised through dealing and relationships with others, forming part of the person’s emotional intelligence. 

 What are Permanent Skills?

Sometimes it cannot be easy to describe a universal definition for Permanent skills. But you can think of them as skills that are not tied to one particular job. They are common characteristics that help people thrive in work, study, or social settings, regardless of their experience, role, or discipline. They are sometimes also called transferable skills or interpersonal skills.

Why are permanent skills important?

Find a suitable job and have a good income, experience a happier and more successful life, and be ready to face the still unknown future that requires having a diverse set of life skills such as:



The ability to know oneself and to have a realistic picture of oneself. Including awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, desires, needs, rights. And individual and social responsibilities as human beings and citizens in society. Having justified and reasoned values ​​and beliefs and benefiting from Deep and strong inner motivations in life.

Communication skills

Experience with different cultures can help you develop your communication skills. And awareness of cultural sensibilities will allow you to operate comfortably in many settings or even in other countries and locations. International internships and work experience can help develop the global mindset that global employers everywhere are looking for.

Interpersonal relationships

This skill creates a sense of belonging, trust in others different from ourselves, and a common and participatory “us” society. It allows us to experience lasting and mutual friendships.

Problem-solving skills

Life is full of various problems that can be faced with the help of past experiences and thinking openly, and find a suitable solution for them or create.

Some of the features that should consider in this section are identifying problems and causes, evaluating their roots, seeking help from others, and managing conflict.

Decision-making skills

We all have to make big and small decisions in life. In this regard, the ability to set strategic and realistic goals, gather enough information according to these goals, make decisions based on accurate assessment of situations, flexibility in the decision-making process, choosing the best solution. It is necessary and necessary to plan, implement and accept responsibility for these decisions.

Creative thinking

A different perspective and confrontation with issues and problems as an opportunity and not a threat, active and continuous learning in any situation, and discovering or creating new and innovative solutions can indicate the realization of creativity in the thought and lifestyle of each individual.

What should we do?

Of course, there is no doubt that we learn a lot in school and university.  Overnight not everything is going to be done. The main issue is the main function of education, which is to prepare each person for the future, is still unknown and unpredictable. Education is essentially a matter of the future. So what good is the “certificates” issued today if they are not evidence of a possible preparedness for tomorrow’s unpredictable issues?

If school and college teach us the joy of living with quality and all those skills mentioned earlier, then maybe we should start with ourselves and patiently look for all that is not taught in school before expecting it from others. 

Take a small step every day to achieve this goal!

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