Worried for children! Tips that will help to prepare your teen for college life

Today, college life for teens presents some challenges that can be detrimental to teens if not addressed. By educating themselves and offering some support and guidance, parents can play a critical role in helping teens succeed in college?  Active parental involvement is an important ingredient for the academic success of children.

Here we about some tips that help our children with the change to college.

Maintain a positive attitude

As sad as we may feel about the so-called empty nest syndrome, it is important to maintain a positive attitude towards this great step that they are going to take because this will give them the confidence and security to take it without looking back.

Although some emotional comment is unavoidable, it is important to save the moments of excessive emotion for when we are alone or with friends before our children maintain an extraordinarily positive and enthusiastic attitude about this new stage of their life.

Promote a healthy lifestyle

Preparing someone for college life isn’t always about cultivating study habits. Having a healthy home environment can help prepare your child for college life. This can start with simple habits, like allowing your child to get enough sleep.

In addition to sleeping, you need to pay attention to diet, as what a person eats can affect their energy levels and memory. Limit your intake of sugary, low-nutrient, and high-calorie foods. Choose iron-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and peanut butter because they can boost energy levels.

Offer practical help

Most students who start a career are 17 or 18 years old. Many of them do not know how to organize everything well, and the days before leaving, without a doubt, the most important thing for them will be to say goodbye to their friends. And I tell you that it will not be to prepare carefully for your entrance to the university.

And in this sense, we can be an important help, from helping them with the lists of things that they are going to take, making sure that their documentation is completely up to date, helping them with the registration paperwork, college or other accommodation, etc.

Encourage extracurricular and community participation.

It is a helpful way for your child to succeed in college by participating in extracurricular and community activities. This participation can help them be happy and successful in class.

Ask your child to be part of a sports team or encourage him to participate in volunteer work. You can also teach your child to be responsible and disciplined by encouraging him to take summer jobs. Depending on your needs, you can also find professionals who can offer career guidance before entering college.

Talk about money

This is probably the first time you have to take responsibility for your expenses. Whether they work part-time, receive a scholarship, or depend entirely on us financially, they must learn to stick to a budget and live within it.

Make a list of all foreseeable expenses with your children and draw up a weekly or monthly budget. If they learn from the beginning, it is a skill that will last a lifetime.


With all the excitement and novelty of the new life, there is a risk that they will put aside their academic tasks.

They must be taught to manage time to use part of the time to study and still have time to enjoy the pleasure that freedom provides. This is very important, especially initially, because if they start betting on leisure instead of their studies, they will risk entering a vicious cycle of failed exams and absences in class.

Now for the first time, they will have to perform tasks and duties without any authority other than their own, so they must understand very well the importance of being responsible.


Preparing your teen for college life begins with a basic routine at home and includes what to do while still in high school. Start preparing your child early to have enough time to adjust quickly once he enters college. One of the best ways is to allow your child to love and enjoy college life despite the many challenges they may face.

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